How we are different

There are many ways to understand your customers. Let us show you how we do it differently. 

Quantitative Market Research

We got online behavioral data of millions of users right in our hands. No more field work needed.

Social Media Monitoring / NLP

We can tell you "who" is talking about you. And whether they are in your target group or not.

Business Intelligence / "Own Data"

By analyzing your own data you surely learn a lot about your customers but only within the limits of their interactions with your company.


The traditional way

Developing your questionnaire, selecting a target population and conducting interviews will take weeks. Once you receive data, you will have to accept they are biased on multiple levels.

With Rascasse

We do not ask, we observe what people actually do. Hence, most of our analyses are based on the behavior of millions of users, not on the stated opinions of a few hundred or thousand respondents. Also, there is no field time - results are available in 72 hours max.

More than 50,000 data points are used for an audience profile


Source: Rascasse AI Perfect Noon Dashboard

The traditional way

With social media monitoring, you analyze the few people who are actively involved with a topic. Not looking at a representative audience.

With Rascasse

We analyze the online behavior of millions of users and can drill down the data points to even cities, zipcodes or within your defined target group. Creating a holistic picture of your customers. All of that 100% GDPR compliant.


The traditional way

We can help you to learn about your customers even outside the limits of your own data set, which is solely based on direct interactions with your company.

With Rascasse

We offer you data on every aspect of life. Which coffee brand do they prefer while listening to which radio station in the morning? Not to speak of competition data. All of that, easy and fast to implement at your next strategy meeting.

Source: Rascasse AI Industry Fit Dashboard

How exciting. What can this be actually used for?

We are delivering measurable results down to zip-code level.

Get a 360° profile of your audiences and learn what they love – and what they hate.

Make better sponsoring decisions by understanding precisely which sports teams, musicians, events etc. are most popular in your audiences.

Track your competitors, understand your position in the market - and how to win over our competitors' customers.

Create contents your audiences will love, boosting your SEO performance.

Understand how your audiences change over time and understand, which upcoming topics matter to them most.

Understand market potentials globally, down to zip-code level.

Improve your campaign ROI by understanding which messages and media channels resonate with your audiences.

Understand even audiences that can hardly be reached with classic market research, e.g. people interested in e-sports.

Frequently asked questions

"Even a cat has things it can do that AI cannot."
- Fei-Fei Li

What data sources are you using?

We are analyzing all major digital platforms, including social media (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc.), search (Google, Bing etc.), Wikipedia, e-commerce (Amazon, eBay etc.) and streaming sites (YouTube, Spotify, etc.).

What's the timeframe?

It usually takes 72 hours to set up your account and deliver data for your defined audiences. There is no field time.

Why is it called "Rascasse"?

"La Rascasse" is a restaurant in Monte Carlo, Monaco, which lends its name to the famous Rascasse curve on the Monaco Grand Prix circuit. And to our company, which was founded as a digital agency in 2009 before we decided to fully focus on our insights solution in 2019.

How up-to-date is the data?

We are updating our platform monthly to ensure you always have the latest insights to analyze.

Which countries are you covering?

We are covering 200+ countries. Since our system is based on Western digital platforms, we currently do not cover Mainland China.

Which audiences are possible to analyze?

We simply do not have any limits in terms of building audiences. Nevertheless, we are currently focussing on B2C audiences.

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