Market Potential

Identify worldwide market opportunities and drill down the data down to zipcode level.


We are covering 245+ countries around the globe.


For all countries, data can be drilled down to states.


More than 30,000 cities worldwide are available, down to zipcode level.


Total Audience

Analyze within seconds, how big your market might be. Get the total audience for each country or for a region.

Source: Rascasse ANALYTICS


Source: Rascasse ANALYTICS

Regions drill down

Discover regional preferences and trends.


City database

With more than 30,000 cities in our database, you are able to understand local differences.

Source: Rascasse AI City Dashboard

What else can this be actually used for?

We are delivering measurable results down to the zip-code level.

Get a 360° profile of your audiences and learn, what your audiences love and hate.

Make better sponsoring decisions by analyzing audience overlaps and affinities.

Track your competitors or industry leaders and learn your position within the competition.

Understand E-Sports audiences and their impact to your brand.

Understand your audiences over time and analyze, what has changed.

Get monthly updated market potentials for the whole world, down to zip-code level or custom regions.

Improve your campaign ROI by understanding, which media channel and content your audience likes.

Activate your audiences by understanding, which content will be loved.

Frequently asked questions

"Even a cat has things it can do that AI cannot."
- Fei-Fei Li

What data sources are you using?

We are analyzing all major digital platforms, starting with social media (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Wikipedia, etc.) to search (Google, Bing, etc.), E-commerce (Amazon, eBay, etc.), streaming (YouTube, Spotify etc.).

What's the timeframe?

Usually it takes 72 hours to set up your account and deliver your data.

Why "Rascasse"?

"La Rascasse" restaurant in Monte Carlo, Monaco. This restaurant gives the name to the famous Rascasse curve on the Monaco Grand Prix circuit. And to our company, which was founded in 2009.

How up-to-date is the data?

We are updating our platform each month to ensure, you always have fresh consumer insights to analyze.

Which countries are you covering?

We are covering 245+ countries. Since our AI is based on western digital platforms, we currently do not support Chinese insights.

Which audiences are possible to analyze?

We simply do not have any limits in terms of building audiences. Nevertheless, we are currently focussing on B2C audiences.

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